I’ve got that “The Holidays” style funk where you think you should really be feeling much happier than you are, and so you get to feeling down just about the discrepancy. Blasted introspection, sometimes I think I’d be better off without my frontal lobes.

And incidentally, I’ve decided that I whine way too much in here, which arguably indicates that I whine way too much in general. When will I do something about that? Apparently not today. šŸ˜›

11 thoughts on “Bleargh.

  1. whattt, m’dear, you barely even post, let alone whine! šŸ˜›

    When we put things in perspective, we should all be happier than we are – there are, after all, people who are way, WAY worse off even than the worst-off people we know. That doesn’t mean that it’s unjustified to feel unhappy (even about one’s own unhappiness). Is there anything in particular that’s bugging you?

    • I know I don’t post much, but I mean of the posts I do make here, especially the ones about my own life, I complain much more than I celebrate. I see it looking back through my archive, and the obviousness of it surpises me; I thought I was better balanced than that. And I am, kinda, I’m just not as inclined to type up an entry when I’m cruisin’ along. I need to accentuate the positive a little better, basically.

      I can’t say there’s something very specific bugging me today; I almost wish there were, then I could blame it. It’s more just general malaise. I feel isolated and a little stuck. I haven’t felt genuine pride in a while now, and that’s just not healthy for the mind. But these dark moods of mine don’t usually last too long, in any case.

      • I’m just not as inclined to type up an entry when I’m cruisin’ along.

        Ha, I’m the same way, though! I tend to really only get the urge to sit down and post something when I’m down. Feeling low presses the words out in a way that “My life is amazing now!” doesn’t seem to (largely because when you’re feeling great, savoring is enough – why record?)

        IIRC, you’re living in a place far from home – I don’t know, perhaps you feel rootless? This has been the cause of a lot of my malaise over the last couple of years – SW Va. is very nice, but it’s not HOME to me, and never will be. Hopefully your stuck feelings will pass . . :/

  2. this isn’t even very whiny. :)

    The warm gives me serious blah, personally. Your description matches up with what I call “light blue” (when I feel a little down, but not REALLY down, but more dissatisfied but kinda in a down way) really well. So I think I might have a good idea about where you are at. Which, honestly, is kinda cool about the internet – you can share exactly how you feel with people who really do give a shit about that (and you, and whatever you are doing with your brain meats).

    Also, seriously – it’s your lj. Do whatever you feel like doing with it. If you feel like making it your personal vent depository for all whining, then please WHINE TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT. If you feel like dancing and singing and talking about it, go right ahead. Really, if you feel like posting nothing but pictures of kittens, go for it. It’s your LJ. No one is holding a gun to our heads to make us read it. And yet… here we are.

    As this is the FIRST post I have seen in your LJ… I honestly can’t say you whine too much, too little, or even *at all* here.

    Regarding feeling less than happy – please note Icon… please imagine yourself in the middle of this happy hug. :)

    • Thank you Stax. :) I do pretty much just LJ as I see fit, but I would like to be more positive in here for me. Part of my goal here is to be able to look back and remember stuff — or as is usually the case, not remember it and be surprised at how much has leaked from my memory — and I haven’t been recording enough of the kinds of things that’ll make my forgetful future self feel good about having been me.

      Of course, on days when I’m feeling like I did yesterday, such things aren’t exactly what leaps to mind. But today is better so far.

  3. everyone uses their LJ for various reasons. As a ‘Vent’ or ‘Decomopression’ tool, or as a random series of events and non sequitor moments.

    People use these things in different ways and I’d never call someone venting to the cosmos of the internet “whining”. Blogs are just our personal journals we had when pen and paper were still all the rage cept now we have selective audiences of people we call friends to share with.

    Being blue and feeling a general sense of “bleh” is nothing bad, it’s what makes us human.

    You need a good dose of Banana Phone and Domo Arigato Mr Roboto and that wierd Ardvark [?] song you sang the other day!