Haiku Guestbook

Some time ago I got the idea of a website guestbook that you could only sign with a haiku. The more I thought about how it would need to work, the more interested I became in the problem. So I built my own haiku guestbook. Check out what other people have written -- and accept my apologies for the ensuing uncensored slice of humanity. Please submit your own if you're so inclined. Even just playing with the syllable counter is kind of fun.

Now, I realize that traditional Japanese haiku isn't based on a 5/7/5 syllable count so much as theme and overall length. But I find that the 5/7/5 structure actually makes it easier to beat writer's block. And the programming challenge of syllable counting is really the point of the project, anyway.

The syllable counting is all done in your browser, with client-side JavaScript; my server doesn't see anything you've typed until you Sign. The submitted haiku are stored in a database.

Way of the Spatula

My friend Miller started this food blog. I'll be contributing articles and recipes, but only after I get a better handle on food photography. My first attempt didn't come close to doing the food justice.

Collaborative Writing Games

Years ago my friend Damon organized a couple of group creative writing projects. It was so much fun seeing where other people took each story. I still want to get an online version of this going someday.

More recently, I was fortunate enough to participate in an online comic jam. I worked on the "Less Filling" faction. My doodling skills didn't stand up so well to the other contributors, but I had too much fun with the story to care. The others lost interest before we finished, I wish we could get together to bring it on home. Maybe someday I'll do a guerilla strike and finish it all by myself.

City of Heroes

My friends and I get together in Paragon City to flex our comic geek muscles. We've recently started documenting our little pantheon of characters. Yes, we know, we're dorks. But our dorkiness is truly awesome.

They Might Be Giants

My TMBG page is getting a little stale, but there are some gems there for hardcore fans.

Sundry Diversions

For no justifiable reason at all, here are some anagrams of "Avesta Technologies."