Haiku Guestbook migration

So upon closer inspection, there are quite a few things my old hand-coded site could do that WordPress won’t let me. It’s probably for security reasons, but when I try to put any JavaScript in here, WordPress cuts it out before saving. We’ll see if there’s a simple workaround.

In the meanwhile, my haiku guestbook is still up in its old location, outside of WordPress. I can stay there while I figure out how to integrate it better.

New BryceLand

I started stashing my stuff here a really long time ago. Back then I spent a lot more time at the computer, and my job involved web programming, so a totally homegrown website made good enough sense for me. Besides, back then we didn’t have the arsenal of plug and play blogging platforms that are available today. (“We coded our pages by hand without syntax highlighting in the snow both ways, and we liked it!”)

But I’ve finally realized that I don’t really need to personally build the car in order to drive it. In fact, time has shown me that in my new life, building the car leaves me with almost no time to actually go anywhere. Thus it’s time for BryceLand: Extreme Makeover Edition.

Along with this redesign, I’m reconsidering what BryceLand is about. It will remain a repository for my random projects—I’m keeping the most popular old stuff, and the things I’m most sentimental about—but it does have the potential to be more.

Back when I used to have more to say and more time to say it in, my voice on the internet was my LiveJournal. My account over there is permanent, and I can’t quite bring myself to migrate away just yet. I also started a Tumblr account at some point, but I use it mainly to follow other people.

Anyway, who says I have to decide right now what the new BryceLand will become? I’ll watch it unfold a bit first.

Piano recital

Yesterday I hosted a casual little piano recital for just my students. I wanted to give them something to work toward, and the chance to hear each other, and have a little photo op for their parents.

They all worked so hard, I couldn’t be prouder. My favorite part was that when it was over, they all went up to the piano to play some more. The whole thing was exactly what I was shooting for: They all enjoyed it. Maybe even almost as much as I did. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

I’m up to ten students now, if you count Lydia, whom I teach only occasionally since she’s still so young. I would take more, but it’d get harder to juggle the lessons with my own kids’ after-school stuff. But the time flies by, I really enjoy it so far.

Homesick Heart

I’m trying to get some scratch demos recorded that are decent enough to share with friends. Trial and error have now proven that the best microphone I own is in my cell phone. I should buy a better one for this purpose—maybe with birthday money or something. My singing voice is at least as big an obstacle though.

Anyway here’s one attempt. I wrote the bulk of these lyrics back in November, and paired them with the bluesy chord progression just a few weeks ago.

Feedback welcome. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but you can at least hear the gist.

Variety Show auditions

My kids’ elementary school does a variety show every year. I volunteered to help out with it again–which I’m still doing even though both of my kids decided to sit it out this year.

We held auditions this afternoon. There were upwards of 80 kids, it was kind of a zoo. I’m a little disappointed none of my piano students will be playing in it; I’m glad I’ve started planning a separate recital for them. There’s always next year.

I wish my kids were doing something too, especially Riley. He was a big hit last year with his handful of magic tricks. I’m tempted to try and get him in a quick comedy number “playing” the Blue Danube Waltz with his armpit, just because that’s what would pique his interest at this point.