Nibiru demo

This is a test recording of a song that I wrote last year. The Nibiru Collision is a doomsday scenario in which an extrasolar planet crashes into the Earth. Nibiru is such a pretty name for the planet that it got me thinking, somebody must have been looking forward to it. So the song is kind of about star-crossed lovers, hoping against hope in the face of cataclysmic change.

TMBG Ringtones

These are short clips of They Might Be Giants songs, designed for use as custom ringtones.

My Man – instrumental mix, 25 seconds. The keyboard part lends itself so well, with its theme of transmission.

Older – intro clip, 16 seconds. The rauschpfife and saroussophone are instantly recognizable through the din of other people’s phones.

Wicked Little Critta – mostly instrumental mix, 32 seconds. For those who like their phone to make only the minimum amount of noise necessary, this one starts as a quiet warning, gets a bit louder… and then self-destructs at about 18 seconds.

Critic Intro – four instrumental snips: tumblemedium sneakshort sneak, and the wonderfully dramatic pounce.

Homesick Heart

I’m trying to get some scratch demos recorded that are decent enough to share with friends. Trial and error have now proven that the best microphone I own is in my cell phone. I should buy a better one for this purpose—maybe with birthday money or something. My singing voice is at least as big an obstacle though.

Anyway here’s one attempt. I wrote the bulk of these lyrics back in November, and paired them with the bluesy chord progression just a few weeks ago.

Feedback welcome. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but you can at least hear the gist.