So here I am. Historically, I’ve been pathetic at maintaining journals of any kind. A handful scattered and unrelated entries, separated by months or years, is the best I’ve been able to manage. I’m counting on the public nature of this one to motivate me to actually use it frequently.

Of course, that’ll also make it harder to be completely candid. But then, this isn’t therapy. All I really want from it is something to look back on and remember, or perhaps more precisely, learn again. What is it about text that’s so easy to forget? When I read things I wrote in college, I don’t recognize them at all. I enjoy reading it and feeling a sense of otherness about it. It’s a different kind of feeling than looking at old photos. Those truly remind me of things; reading old text is more like meeting myself anew.

I tend to edit myself a lot, which has also been an obstacle in previous journal-keeping efforts. I’m hoping to curb this tendency here. Wish me luck.