Okay, I guess I need to be a little more disciplined about this. But to avoid sounding whiny, I refuse to offer excuses for my updating habits.
My dog got a bath yesterday. Now her fur bounces a little when she trots. It’s nice when she smells as great as she is.

5 thoughts on “Well that went just swimmingly.

  1. Bryce! Hi there! Glad to see you around — I never read a.m.tmbg anymore, as I have a really low tolerance for dumbasses, and thus I fall out of touch with the folks I like. (Well, except for .)

    Also, it’ll be easier to update this time around because you’ll have people on your friends list to bug you. :)

    • Hi Mandy!

      You know, I utterly failed to grasp the whole Friends dimension of this the first time around. That’s what I get for not poking around enough first.

      I still read a.m.tmbg regularly, but don’t post nearly as often anymore. It’s slow in general, you’re not missing much.