No vertigo at all for over a week now, so I’m not really concerned about the lack of a definitive diagnosis. If it were anything more than simple inner ear inflammation, I think it would still be bothering me.

We got four or five inches of snow last night, but it looks like more than half of it melted today.

I’m going out in DC tomor—er, tonight with some friends from work. That should be good for me. I spend too much time at home in the winter. Not to mention at work. I’ve been working a lot this week, wrestling with an overly complicated pile of JavaScript, which refuses to bend to my will. I’m probably chasing a wild goose, I just wish I could tell it was a wild goose from farther away.

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  1. Eeeeep. Glad you’re feeling better. I did have some vertigo a couple years ago and when I asked the doc if it could be an inner-ear infection, he said if it was infected I’d know because I’d be clutching my head in agony. And feverish. Turns out it was prescription drug withdrawal, but I don’t think that applies to you. :)