Sometimes it really hits me how many modern conveniences I take for granted. Like seedless fruit, for example. I bought a box of clementines last week, but they turned out to be these monsters, a mutant strain of clementine robustus. They’re large and pulpy, and so full of seeds that, with the segments being so small, by the time you finish separating out the seeds it’s not very juicy anymore. So I haven’t enjoyed them much at all, because I’m spoiled. Likewise with grapes, seeds are just too much work. I have no idea how long ago humankind saw the advent of seedless fruit, but I’m glad it was before my time.

But I have to admit, seedless fruit is pretty absurd. We humans have developed these infertile plants, and they basically rely on us for their continued existence. It seems to me that because seeds factor so directly into reproduction, favoring seedless fruit would significantly reduce the diversity among the plants that we grow for fruit. Reduced diversity, as any financial planner will tell you, leaves you more susceptible to catastrophic events. I find it odd how many people recognize and accept this tenet when applied to economics, but then fail to apply it to biology.

I’m under-informed about the specific biology of seedless fruit, it may not really have much effect on biodiversity. But even if it does, I’d probably still wallow in seedless hypocrisy anyway. After all, what’s science for if not finding new ways to save me hassle?