Whee, I cleaned the gutters today. Actually, it’s not so bad, the time passed pretty quickly. It’s making me sneeze like crazy, though. The last time I did this, it had rained pretty recently so I was pulling out thick wet muck rather than crumbly dried leaves. I’m not sure which is easier to deal with.

Update on the ginger ale offer: This stuff is harder to find than I realized, even down here. I ended up ordering a case directly from the bottlers. It’s here now, and I hope to do the mailings in the next few days.

My computer problems persist, but I think I’ve found a solution that strikes the right balance between cost, risk, and inconvenience. I’m getting an external drive casing to put the drives in, then I’ll access them from a working computer. This way I should be able to get at my files and back them up, but I don’t risk messing up my working computer in the process.

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