My wireless network here at home has a whole twelve feet to cross. Granted, there is a wall to traverse, but still, the various nodes of my network have much more trouble staying in contact than they should. This morning it was especially bad, nothing was coming through from the internet at all. Ping tests revealed that the wireless connection was extremely intermittent. It was fine last night, and it’s been fine for a while, so I figure it must be interference from either some neighbor’s newly acquired electronics, or some atmospheric condition combined with solar flares and government conspiracy to create subspace anomalies and warp my CDs.

So, naturally I turned to the paranoid-delusional’s headwear of choice, aluminum foil. I put a wall of foil alongside each wireless device, on the side facing away from the rest of the network. Et voilà, the connection has been going great guns ever since.

And speaking of foil, it’s time for fencing. Huzzah!