My trip to Arizona was so much fun! It was like old times having everybody together again. Well, nearly everybody; we were three shy of the complete roll call. That’s the only way the trip could have been better.

Most everyone stayed at a resort together for the first couple of days. I shared a room with my Grandpa, whose snoring and sleeptalking are the stuff of legend. But I’m a very skilled sleeper, so I barely even noticed. We all spent most of the daytime in and around the resort’s excellent swimming pool, sipping drinks, staying cool, and catching up. And more of the same at night, for that matter, just not around the pool. In the mornings we brunched en masse, basically taking over the resort’s restaurant.

My cousin Amy’s wedding was grood. She seems very happy. She deserves it, she’s a total sweetheart.

Some of us stayed in Tempe for a day or two more. I’m finding it hard to describe how much fun I had, even just hanging around eating and playing cards. My family jokes around a lot, and has all kinds of good stories. We love to laugh together, I guess it’s that simple.