I finally gave in and bought a couple of shows from TMBG’s online store. Choosing was difficult. I’ve been afraid to even start buying these at all, because once the seal is broken it’s hard to tell where I’ll stop. But since they don’t seem very keen on actually performing in North Carolina lately, I figure the money can come from the tickets I’m not getting a chance to buy.

Speaking of willpower, I flew through Peasant’s Quest yesterday. Now I kind of wish I’d dragged it out to last longer. But I ended the game with 14 points left to earn, so I’ll have to go back and find what I missed. Anyway, it made me wax nostalgic for Hero’s Quest.

Speaking of hero games (I’m on quite the segue roll today, aren’t I), City of Heroes refuses to play nicely with my graphics card. Curses! Must… justify… upgrade…!

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  1. I think I already told you I bought four of the first ten…thankfully since then I’ve successfully restrained myself from getting any more. Yet.

    But that Blue Note song—I could listen to it over and over. And I have.

    • I got your package in the mail! Thank you so much. Corn Mo is freakin’ awesome. But somebody get this guy a backing band pronto. He deserves to have more at his disposal than occasional cymbal crashes.

      I already know the next two TMBG shows I’ll buy, it’s just a matter of time now. But I may wait a while. I hope they keep doing the Quarterly Report shows, and put them up there.

      • You’re very welcome. I remember Corn Mo’s cymbal being very problematic for him the first couples times I saw him—it would move around and he had to keep kicking it, and the drumstick in his shoe, so he could hit it. Then when I saw him in St Louis somebody had cleverly affixed the cymbal to a brick-like thing and put velcro on the bottom of that so it would stay put on the rug. That’s some good work.

        Which two other shows are you getting? The 2 sets from Trees are really excellent, I’m glad I got those.