Our cat is missing. There’s really nothing I can do about it, but knowing that doesn’t make the thought of going to sleep any more appealing.

She’s really only been unaccounted for since this afternoon, but she’s never stayed out overnight in her life. I’m sure tonight’s low of 29 degrees won’t kill her, but what worries me is that I know she would be home if she could be. She must be lost, injured, or both. I’ll go out looking tomorrow, when there’s daylight to do it by, and hang flyers around the neighborhood. For now I just need to put it out of my mind. (Not before posting this, though. When she strolls in tomorrow perfectly nonchalant, I want to remember how stupid I was for worrying. That is what I want to have happen.)

God, if I’m this bad over the cat, parenthood is going to destroy me.

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  1. Oh geez, I’m sorry. I really hope you find her.

    God, if I’m this bad over the cat, parenthood is going to destroy me.

    I’m assuming you didn’t mean this entirely seriously, but I still wanted to say that actually I think the kind of people who are sensitive and sweet enough to really care about their animals are the kind of people who make the best parents.

  2. Oh, god, one time my cat Twyla was missing for 7 days. We were worried sick and had just about given up when one morning, she bounded up to the porch like nothing had ever happened. I’m sure your cat will be there tomorrow morning waiting for you; I don’t imagine she’ll find the cold night a very pleasant experience. But . . yes, I’d definitely be going insane, too. I’m very protective of my kitties.

    In the meantime, open every door in your house! Er, you don’t want to hear that story, but just do it. To make sure.

  3. I can’t blame you. I would be a wreck if one of my cats were missing. The cat-child equivalency thing is tricky, but people do care an awful lot for their cats, sometimes more than for a human. Cats do have a funny way of coming back though. Keep some hope up…