Well, the sun has set on this year’s plum harvest. It didn’t seem like there were quite as many plums on the tree as we had that first year, but they were in better shape on average, with fewer bruises and weird spots. Most were on the large side, too, so I had plenty to work with, and got two batches (about 20 cups) of jam from them all.

Looks like I didn’t mention the Festival at all last year. That’s because there was hardly any fruit on the tree, so it was kind of a non-event. Hmm, in fact maybe this one should be the Second Biennial BryceLand Wild Plum Festival instead. Anyway, we’d had a hard storm just as last year’s blossoms came out, and it blew them all off, so the tree got hardly any insect attention.

This year I had to do most of the jam work while Riley was asleep. I was able to do some chopping with him feeding himself in his highchair, though. It’s actually a little more work than I can rationally justify, given how slowly we go through jam, but then we give away most of it. And it’s pretty satisfying to see the finished product.

My grandpa usually makes wild plum preserves too, but this year he probably hasn’t been able to, with Jeanette being so sick. I’ll send them some of mine.

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