Hey! Somebody buy our house! We had a couple of people look at it yesterday afternoon, and somebody drove by for a pamphlet today. I hope it sells quickly. Say, sometime before we’re completely buried in pine pollen.

Tensions have been high here in Bryceland as we’ve been getting the house ready to sell. Compromises, disappointments, and a disturbing sort of resignation have rushed in to fill the vacuum left by all the stuff we’ve sent away already. In the spirit of that very resignation, the less said, the better. But the result is that I’ve been withdrawing into myself, which is basically my kneejerk reaction to any sort of hardship. I’ve gotta work on that, it only makes me feel lonelier.

8 thoughts on “Home Sweet Merchandise

  1. Sweet kitchen. Where are you moving to?

    Also, I loved how your walls ooze, like as you turn toward stuff, it elongates away from you? Very trippy. You might not want to advertize that on your selling site, though. Carefully done stills would hide that moving wall problem until the buyers fall in love with other aspects of the property.

    • Well, depending on when we’ll need to vacate, we’ll most likely be moving in with a friend for a few months, and then in the Fall we’re moving to Tennessee for a year. Double-relo-suction, but this is a better time of year to sell. I’m just glad we’ve got such a good friend.

      Oozing walls are actually a good selling point, as they expand for more storage space, and then contract when you’re not looking at them to cut down on the utility bill.

      • So probably not making alot of concerts in the near term, with moves and especially with a bun in the oven? Ah, adulthood.

        One of the Linnell_squee group claims she is doing 5 shows in a row in May, and the thought blew my mind. I also thought, egad, what if 5 TMBG in a row becomes _dull_? Would that be knowledge a person would want to know. O.o


        • Well, if they come at least as close as Raleigh, and no later than the end of June, I could probably cash in all my favor cards and go. But we’ll see.

          TMBG’s so good about mixing things up that their consecutive shows have much less dulling potential than other acts’. However I don’t speak from experience; I’ve never seen two TMBG shows closer than about six weeks apart.

          • In any case, I am sure I shall read all about it the mass-exposure experience, in great poetic detail. :)

            Good luck with the move thing, B.

        • Having done 5+ in a row myself (on two separate occasions), I can say from personal experience that it definitely does not become dull. It’s certainly exhausting, but not dull. And thank goodness for that.

          Bryce, I’m so sad that now we will probably never meet at a show. My husband was actually seriously considering UVa for law school, which might have made it more possible, but it looks like we’re going to California. I totally should have said hi when we were both at that show in Harrisburg so many years ago. I was too shy. šŸ˜›

          • I know! I really regret that I didn’t hunt you down there. I was feeling shy that night too, though I don’t know why. Maybe it was that the venue was a little stifling. I think with the assigned seats it kind of drove home the fact that I had come there by myself, and I was feeling lame about that and self-conscious in general, for some reason. Stoopid! šŸ˜›

            But anyway, I have no idea where we’ll end up after this year in Tennessee, so you never know. And then too, if I ever become filthy rich I want to book a private show for all y’all. In Hawaii. šŸ˜€

          • Ooh, awesome plan. Meanwhile I was thinking, if I ever win the lottery I will rent a cushy tour bus to follow TMBG around the country, and whoever wants to come along can get a bunk in the bus, all expenses paid. I hope John & John are still alive and making music whenever one of these things happens. šŸ˜›