Our friend Kelly is generously sharing her home with us this summer. I felt this deserved its own post; it’s pretty heroic of her. She’s got two extra rooms, and often rents one of them out anyway, but Riley’s personal physical dimensions belie his awesome Presence (to say nothing of his many accoutrements). The same goes for our dog Winnie. And then we’ll have a newborn in the house too, for the last month of our stay or more. I tried to warn her, I really did. But there’s no way she could really comprehend what she was getting into. So here’s to “Aunt Key”!

She’s like the sister my wife never had. Riley adores her, which is terriffic. In fact I don’t think it would’ve worked if he didn’t. We’ve felt right at home here from the get-go. We’re trying to think of some suitable way to repay her for this.

Emptying the old house felt like it took a long time, especially because we did it in stages. But the very end is always the hardest, and we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Laura’s mom and stepdad. They did basically everything once they arrived, while I was dealing with Riley. Then they drove all of our stuff to Knoxville, where they’ve been unpacking and setting up some essentials for us. Transcendental thanks to you both!

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