Winnie’s been spending more time outside in the past year than she ever used to (partly to get away from Riley when he’s been noisy). And so to help her beat the heat, I got her a summer ‘do:

She’s not totally shaved, but it’s a lot shorter and looks a lot neater. I can tell she feels better too, she’s been feisty this afternoon. I had thought it would make her look pathetic, but they did a great job. It actually looks just like her puppy coat used to. She looks all roly-poly.

Then there’s the other thing that makes her seem like a baby:

I abhor the very idea of diapering a dog, but it’s the least of all evils right now. When Winnie has to go, rather than ask us to let her outside, she’ll just wander off into another room where nobody is, and let ‘er rip. Yes, she knows we disapprove, but as long as she’s getting away with it at that moment, she doesn’t care. Anyway, I avoid most such acincidents by just making sure she’s outside often enough, but there is the occasional time when she slips under my radar. And since we’re living in our friend’s otherwise petless house, it’s not a chance I want to take. And I know she’s happier wearing a diaper than she would be if we kept her out of the house. So here we are.

6 thoughts on “Our 14-Year-Old Baby

    • Technically “red sable.” Mostly red-orange, with just one little spot of black on her tail, and then of course her muzzle has become quite the greybeard. Her aura, however, is probably hot pink. Maybe that’s what you’re seeing. :)

      • Oh, thank the Lord. I thought you had dyed the poor thing. People do vanity dye jobs on their cats, as if they were fashion accessories, and it makes my flesh crawl around with ineffable horror.