My only record of this is a little piece of paper, so I wanted to archive the information here before it gets lost.

Power selections:

Level Primary: Kinetics Secondary: Dark Blast Pool powers
1 Transfusion Dark Blast
2 Repel
4 Moonbeam
6 Siphon Speed
8 Hasten
10 Increase Density
12 Assault
14 Tactics
16 Speed Boost
18 Tenebrous Tentacles
20 Inertial Reduction
22 Night Fall
24 Grant Invisibility
26 Transference
28 Invisibility
30 Dark Pit
32 Fulcrum Shift
35 Life Drain
38 Blackstar
41 Oppressive Gloom
44 Dark Embrace
47 Soul Drain

I’m reconsidering Soul Drain. I took it mostly for thematic reasons. It’s occasionally nice to have a little PBAoE damage, and I really like the visual, but Fulcrum Shift can cap my damage pretty easily so the damage buff is often wasted. Still, I guess the ToHit buff would help me when it’s hard to take the time to get Tactics up.

Hmm, maybe I should switch Assault back to Maneuvers too. Except Maneuvers is such a slot hog.

Enhancement slot selections:
3: Transfusion x2
5: Dark Blast, Repel
7: Siphon Speed x2
9: Hasten, Transfusion
11: Siphon Speed, Dark Blast
13: Assault, Inc Density
15: Tactics x2
17: Speed Boost, Transfusion
19: Tentacles, Tactics
21: Tentacles x2
23: Inc Density, Speed Boost
25: Tactics, Night Fall
27: Transference x2
29: Invis, Siphon Speed
31: Transference, Dark Pit, Tentacles
33: Transference, Hasten, Tactics
34: Night Fall, Dark Pit x2
36: Life Drain x2, Dark Pit
37: Night Fall, Dark Blast, Tentacles
39: Night Fall, Siphon Speed, Dark Blast
40: Speed Boost, Fulcrum Shift, Life Drain
42: Oppressive Gloom x2, Night Fall
43: Life Drain, Inc Density, Dark Pit
45: Life Drain, Dark Blast, Repel
46: Transference, Transfusion, Blackstar
48: Blackstar x2, Fulcrum Shift
49: Blackstar, Fulcrum Shift, Soul Drain

I’d record the placement of actual enhancements too, but I’m still transitioning to IOs and haven’t planned them out that much yet.

Even after all this time, he’s still my favorite character to play. He’s squishy as a soufflé, but he’s also nonstop action and death defying adventure. I guess I like the sense of risk.

2 thoughts on “Deuco’s Build

  1. O HAI.

    Interesting, I don’t know too many people who have taken Repel. I rolled an alt just to check it out, it was fun, but I wanted other things more. However, I actually do have a Kin/Dark who’s up to 22 or so now and I enjoy him. I made him to team with some squishy warshades but found he was a blast in other groups too.

    I’m curious, did you used to have Siphon Power and dropped it when you got Fulcrum Shift?

    • Originally I did take Siphon Power, sometime before level 12. I didn’t have Repel until much later, I think I tried it out for my very last power selection, along with a couple other potential choices. I loved it immediately, and eventually respec’ed it earlier into my build, moving Siphon Power to the very end. (But hmm, maybe I should swap that out for Vengeance…)

      Repel is widely known as an endurace hog, but it’s really not that bad in short bursts — and especially not exemping with it three-slotted, naturally. I use it as an “Oh <bleep!>” power sometimes to buy a moment or two, or against werewolves it’s very handy since they resist my immob.

      In practice, it’s most useful at the lower levels, when things tend to want to close in to melee range a lot. And it takes some practice to keep from Repelling your Transfusion/Transference targets and missing the benefit. You also have to be aware when you wade into a bunch of enemies that are immobilized or held (or have knockback resistance), it’ll keep on ticking your endurance away uselessly, rather than knocking them out of range where they aren’t draining you anymore. That might be where its end-hog reputation comes from, partly.

      My Deuco on Virtue is level six, I think, and he has Repel already; it’ll be interesting to see how it works out levelling up with it the first time.