It had been been ages since I’ve gotten together with my neighbor Jeremy to jam, but he came by yesterday afternoon. He didn’t have time to play, but asked me if I would be free that night. We ended up going to his friend Dylan’s house, the one with the sound booth and recording setup in his basement. A few hours later, we had a rough demo of one of Jeremy’s songs. I’m not even sure the song has a name yet, I’ve only heard him call it “that banjo song.”

He put down the banjo part first, then I did accordion. Nothing fancy, just simple backup chords, but it still filled out the sound nicely. I was a little rusty, and had to think too hard about playing. I need practice, and also confidence to play it more decisively. But it was good enough for this. Then Jeremy sang lead vocals, and Dylan threw down a quick and dirty bass part. Jeremy and I each sang some harmony on the chorus, and then I even recorded a ukulele track if you can believe it. Dylan’ll be mixing it some more, but it sounded pretty cool already when we called it a night. It was quite a trip to hear us that way.

Jeremy is wanting to do a disc of seven or so songs, and take them around town to get us some live gigs. I’m a little worried that it’ll sound too different than we do live, but we’ve got a while to worry about that. But even if nothing else comes of it, we’ll have a record and some good memories.

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