So this is the song my friends and I recorded a few weeks ago. Please note: It’s a folky demo, not a polished masterpiece. I played uke and accordion. I sang the low harmony part too, but it’s mixed pretty low.

Friend Not Forgotten

The song was written by my neighbor Jeremy, and that’s him on lead vocals (and high harmony, and banjo). “Friend Not Forgotten” is the working title, but I think we all wish we had a better name for it. I’ve never much liked titles that don’t come straight from the lyrics.

Our next one was called “More Than Friends,” but we’ll be re-recording that one from scratch. In the studio we transposed it up a whole step, but Jeremy sounds better in the original key. And honestly, I’m happy to get another chance at it, my performance wasn’t my best. Then last Thursday we did one called “Miles On My Car.” I did much better on that one. We still need to add some harmony vocals to it though.

(Friends-locking for now, just until I get clearance from the other guys to share it more widely.)

15 thoughts on ““Friend Not Forgotten”

  1. That’s really REALLY nice. You guys might want to look at TuneCore … and if you get enough to put together a CD, talk to the guys at CD Baby. One of my online friends is one of the start-up crew at TuneCore.

    A better title, maybe, “Friend, never seen again” ?? The record companies like to name them after the first phrase or the first phrase of the refrain.

    Also, I keep trying to fill this in with a really sweet alto high harmony.

    Edit: Bah, got the urls wrong.

    • Thanks! I’ll ask the guys tonight. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of the promotion, but I’m not sure they’re done tweaking the recording yet.

      As for a band name, we haven’t really found one we’re excited about yet. I suggested “Waponi Wu” at one point, after Joe vs the Volcano came up in conversation. But I don’t know if they took it quite as seriously as I meant it. :)

  2. I’m in love with that sound, man. I’ve always been a huge fan of bluegrass and folk music. This makes me wish I’d gotten further with learning to play the banjo myself. I can’t wait to hear more of your stuff, bro.