We moved to Fayetteville, GA this week. The house is bigger and nicer than our last one, though it too is a rental. Lots of storage, a screened-in back porch, and access to community perks like a swimming pool and tennis courts. The only downsides are an increase in yard maintenance, and an allegedly fascist neighborhood association which is ever vigilant for infractions of yard maintenance guidelines. But our kitchen sink alone is probably worth this sacrifice.

We got here Sunday night, and spent a couple days camping here and getting the essentials in place. Movers brought the rest of our stuff on Wednesday. It was the easiest move I’ve had by far.

There was a newspaper in our driveway that evening, and I brought it into the house and looked through it. In it I found a classified ad seeking a keyboard player for “an established southern rock/blues band.” I called them yesterday, having finally gotten the boxes down to ankle level. I figured even if nothing else came of it, I could pick their brains about resources for musicians down here. They invited me and the family out to the lead singer’s house this evening for band practice and a cookout.

It was great fun, even though I wasn’t yet able to play along with most of their songs. And even though I have a lot of practicing to do before I know the songs as well as they do, they’re willing to give me the chance to get up to speed. Everything they played tonight is a cover, but the songs are good and fun to play. They get some gigs but aren’t very aggressive about it — they all have day jobs — which suits me and my Dad-of-young-kids schedule just fine. The band’s name is Remedy. They play pretty well together, I’d say.

Downtown Fayetteville seems to be precisely one major intersection. Most of the rest of it is tucked away behind the trees, off little roads; the vibe is a bit isolating. I’m glad to be making some friends already.

7 thoughts on “New Town, New Band

    • Probably the same thing that College Park did whenever we got a 1/4″ over the maximum grass level – send you fines.

      We had someone taking care of our grass after we moved, and she went on vacation, but thought she’d be back in time to mow before the city went nuts about it. Unfortunately, she didn’t, and they sent not one, but TWO fines about it. (One in my husband’s name, one with mine. Go figure that one.) Through a lot of runaround and dealing with idiotic city employees, we were able to get 1 forgiven, but the other one we had to pay. Our friend felt bad about it and insisted on paying it, but I’ll still be sending her the money.

  1. Deep in the heart of Dixie, baby! I hope your band goes well and that the neighborhood association *shudders* stays off your ass.

    the vibe is a bit isolating.

    This seems so very true of the south: so peaceful, yet rather haunted in some intangible manner. The north is so hustle-bustle; you scarcely have time to be lonely. But the south invokes a sort of reflectiveness that can be rather unnerving, I find (and I’m not even *too* far down).