So the cover band I was in finally bothered to let me know — by email — that they’ve decided I’m not in it after all. This after no practice for three weeks, and a sudden gig that the four of them took and performed at without even letting me know about it. The lead singer insists that they’re “just looking to scale back” and that they were pleased enough with my playing and liked me personally. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Basically, either they weren’t being honest about what they’re looking for, or are just too flighty to know. Either way, they communicated badly and insulted me with their disregard.

I’m disappointed, because it’s fun playing music I like with other good musicians. But I don’t particularly want to be part of a group that treats people like this. So, really, it’s just as well.

8 thoughts on “Remedies are for the ill anyway. :P

    • I would definitely not say I’m more talented; they’re all excellent at what they do, and certainly wouldn’t have found me threatening. If anything, the guy I figure was largely behind it is a little full of himself. But thanks for the vote of confidence. :) I’m already looking around for another group to play with.

  1. Sorry to hear about the lousy treatment, man. It’s baffling, the disregard some people have for basic courtesy. I say “basic courtesy” because I think it’s probably incorrect to call it “common courtesy” anymore.

    At any rate, good luck finding another group, man. So long as you’ve got music to share, I’m sure there are people out there to help you find the opportunity.