We started today with a ride on the trails at Bent Creek, in Pisgah National Forest. The trail we were on climbed up along a ridge and eventually circled Lake Powhatan. It was nice and shady, and the path itself was double-wide and gravel.

I have no idea how high it was or how much the elevation changed over our ride, but it was a lot more than we’re used to. It was pretty challenging, but fun, we just walked the bikes when we had to. It was mostly just really long uphill stretches for the first half, and then of course much more downhill on the second half. My hand is actually a little sore from all the braking coming back down. It was great fun to do, the only drawback was that I was so focused on the road that I didn’t see as much of the surrounding forest as I maybe would’ve liked. The air did me good anyway, though.

After that we headed back to Biltmore. We had a little snack, did the winery tour and sampled a few wines, and explored the old farm buildings out there. After a quick change of clothes, we dined at the inn. Oh man, what a meal. My brain quivered from the sensations my mouth was sending it. Sweet pea and wasabi soup. Crisp frog legs with goat cheese cake, apricot marmalade, and bell pepper tapenade. Prosciutto wrapped pheasant breast with smoked onion potato puree, broccolini, and carrot jus. NOM. Not quite ready for dessert, we took a brief constitutional around the grounds while the sun started toying with the idea of setting. Then coffee and a peanut butter bananas foster sundae.

We’re missing the kids, but apparently they’re having a great ol’ time with their grandparents. Hopefully they’re having as much fun as we are. Can’t wait to hug ’em though.

3 thoughts on “Asheville part 2

    • It’s like haflway between chicken and fish. Which kind of stands to reason, when you think about it taxonomically. These were breaded and fried, mmm mmm MMM. But the frog legs themselves weren’t terribly different from what I’ve had elsewhere, it was the stuff served with them that made it truly extraordinary.