Every night before bed, I sing lullabyes to Lydia for a bit. She recently started singing them right along with me. We do three songs, and Edelweiss is the grand finale every night.

(Apologies to Facebook people who’ve seen it already.)

10 thoughts on “Lydia Sings Edelweiss

  1. that was Lydia…

    I love how she, knowing it’s the end of the last song in the bedtime sequence, yawns on cue and praises her efforts, and goes off to bed, probably to sleep a sweet, happy sleep. I will watch this again, before bed. Thanks for sharing your lovely Lydia.

    • She got to watch herself on the LCD viewfinder as she was doing it. She performed better as a result; previous taping efforts by hidden camera had her stuffing her hands in her mouth.

      Later I showed it to both of the kids on the computer, and they both tried to talk to it (having webcammed with their grandma on Skype recently). Riley said “Hi Lydi in the computer!”