You are on the landing of a stairwell. Stairs lead down to the first floor, and up to the second floor. To the north, a glass door leads outside.

There is a row of mailboxes here.

(with the mailbox key)
Opening the mailbox reveals about ten pounds of the usual junk mail.

(taking the mail first)
You pry the pile of mail out of the mailbox.

Stuck between a catalog and a credit card offer, you see a small postcard addressed in your own handwriting.

The postcard says:

“Supreme Court: County of New York
D. B. G. Hurst vs. M. L. Garrison
A certified copy of the judgment of divorce ($8.00 per certified copy) may be obtained in room 141B at the certification desk, after receipt of this postcard.”

[Your score has just gone up by five points.]

I only understood you as far as wanting to woo.

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