Wow, the past two months have flown by. So much to say, I’m not sure where to begin.

The move went as well as you could ever realistically expect any move to go. Lots of work, but no big surprises. I got a U-Haul, and two guys to fill it, and a trailer to pull my car. I was a little nervous about that, since I don’t have much experience pulling trailers, but it was pretty easy to get used to. The truck itself was a beast, I practically had to stand on the gas pedal to get it to move. (By the time I got back in my car, I had already adjusted to the truck, so I ended up gunning the engine. I did this consistently for much of that weekend. 😛 )

The house is wonderful. I can’t believe how much better it is than my old apartment, especially since it’s costing a lot less. It’s on a really quiet street, out of the way but not too far from downtown Durham or from Chapel Hill. It’s got a great porch in front, and a smallish deck in back. My family has been asking me to send some photos, but I haven’t taken them yet. Maybe this weekend.

The yard is shaded by lots of tall trees, which help keep the house cool and private. There’s a wild plum tree in the front yard. All through June it produced more plums than I could keep up with. They’re a lot smaller than what you’d find at the grocery store, but they taste just as good. Next year I want to try to make some preserves.

Speaking of food, I’ve been eating really well lately. My girlfriend is an excellent cook, and loves food as much as I do. I wasn’t very motivated to cook when I was living alone, but now we almost never eat out. As a bonus, this has brought me to all new heights of frugality. Then again, I guess I have been this frugal before, but only when I felt like I was depriving myself.

I’ve felt a lot more busy since the move, which is natural, because I have been more busy. It’s been the pleasant kind of busy, though; I just wish there were more hours in the day to do everything that I’ll be getting to gradually. I’m slowly getting more organized, though, so hopefully I’ll feel more on top of things soon.

3 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Hi Bryce!

    It’s your mother. I was just on line and thought I would check out your web page. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know how happy you and Laura are. She’s really a wonderful girl (that doesn’t quite seem like the right term…girl), and I’m really glad she’s a part of our family now. : )

    Love you oodles,


    P. S. Would still like some photos of the house, hint, hint!