Laura came home early on Thursday afternoon, to work on paperwork here instead of waiting at the hospital until the storm hit. Our power went out at around 2:00. We passed the time by reading and trying not to watch the trees thrash around outside. Occasionally we’d hear a sound like a sedan hitting the roof of the house. We made dinner of crackers, cheese, pepperoni, and artichoke dip, and went to sleep early since it was so dark.

The next morning, the power was still out, and the backyard was literally covered with debris. I couldn’t work, so I spent the entire day cleaning up the yard. Two of our huge trees lost one large limb each, and by “large” I mean that where it broke off the branch was thicker than my thigh. One fell from about 50 feet onto a smaller (i.e. thigh-diameter trunk) tree, knocking it down. The other large limb fell directly between our house and the neighbors’, settling across two trees but not breaking them.

There were so many branches to deal with that I didn’t finish Friday, so I was out there again for most of Saturday and part of Sunday. The weather was gorgeous all weekend, thankfully. We’re actually pretty lucky that there’s no apparent damage to the house, and that our power was only out for about 30 hours. And all the firewood we have now should last us through the winter, if we can manage to keep it dry. But man, I’m tired today.

In other news, this “semagic” LJ client just ate another entry of mine. Rackafrackin varmint.