Oof, my right side is pocked with little bruises from fencing last night. Good fun though. I took my usual group lesson in foil, and stayed for a group lesson in epee, which is completely new to me. It’s really different, even though the basic skills transfer easily.

Here’s a little background for those new to the subject. What it only hints at is that while a foil bends easily, absorbing a lot of the force of the attack, the sturdier epee blade can actually hurt when it hits you. But the differences in the rules are what make it interesting.

I found the additional target area was beneficial to me last night; I was scoring a lot of touches on the arm. I also think epee will suit my somewhat defensive general approach pretty well. I’m not really committed to it yet, in terms of buying my own epee and eventually competing in it. I figure I’ll wait until I have some more experience with it. If it’s always this much fun, though, I’ll definitely be doing a lot more of it.

Either way, I’ll definitely keep doing foil. I think being good at foil will make me better at epee, while the reverse is less true.

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