Item the number one: Yesterday we made stir fry of tempeh, cabbage, onions, and red peppers—although it’s probably not technically a stir fry because we made it outdoors on the grill (using a “grill wok“). It was laughably easy, and delicious. Fire good.

Item the next one: After spending two weeks dead, my sound card has mysteriously resurrected itself! *cue spooky music* Maybe it was the thunderstorm, although that seems more like a convenient sitcom plot twist than an explanation. Whatever the cause, I’m grateful to have music at my desk again.

Item the other one: I will definitely be going to the free outdoor TMBG show in Baltimore this Saturday. We’ll just see about this new drummer fellow. I hope the weather holds.

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  1. Hey, I got the ginger ale today! Thank you so much!

    I resisted the urge to pop it open and down it immediately. Instead I came here to ask, in your opinion, how is the flavor of this ale best savored? By itself, or with food? I don’t want to waste it since I only have the one. :)

    Thanks again! And have fun this Saturday. I’ve only been to the Inner Harbor once—is the science center near the aquarium? All I remember is seeing seals (sea lions?) hanging out in a pool and barking. I mean the seals were barking, not me. Anyway, I hope you will tell us all about the show when you get back.

    • Cool! You are most welcome. I’m glad to get to share this beverage discovery with even my distant friends. I hope you like it.

      For optimal enjoyment, I’d say make sure it’s ice cold. Drinking it with food won’t overwhelm the flavor, I don’t think, and it’d probably help curb the spiciness if you find that necessary. I’ve had one with pizza, it was good with that. And I’ve had a few all by themselves, and enjoyed them every bit as much.

      I’m not sure where the aquarium is, but it looks like the science center is pretty well situated. I wish I had gear to record the show… maybe I should invest in some. I just have no idea what to get or how long it’d take. But anyway, I’ll try my best to provide a thorough report.

      • The aquarium is on the inner harbor in downtown Baltimore, a direct diagonal across the tourist-y Chesapeake shore (Harborplace) from the Science Center. Believe me, there are PLENTY of signs to get there . . . I don’t think you’ll have any trouble (though I recommend you take the train to the harbor).

        Thank you so very much, though, for the ginger ale! I haven’t had it yet . . . saving it for the perfectly imperfect evening.

    • Yeah, Dan Hickey’s gone, with no official explanation (or even mention) from the band. I postulate that he was needed on his home planet of super-drummer-beings.

      The new guy is Marty Beller [sp?], who was with them on their Studio 360 appearance last year, and at the “Other Thing” shows.