Labor Day! Woo!

I’m getting caught up with my friends page, I haven’t been on LJ much for the past week or two. I made a trip to the office last week, and picked up a new computer for work. It’s a spiffy new laptop with a docking station. Trying to get it to play nice with my LAN at home has already taken too much of my weekend. (I can get it to access either my old machine or the internet, but not both at the same time. I guess for now I only need one of those at a time anyway, though.) The best part is that since I’m not depending on my old machine for work anymore, I can upgrade it without fear.

Laura has been trying out some Indian recipes this weekend. We went to an Indian market on Saturday to buy the more exotic ingredients, like jaggery and red lentils. Looks like we’ll be back there regularly; everything’s turned out delicious.

I’m selling my car. We’re getting a used pickup to replace it. Anybody interested in a 2001 Honda Civic? Red, two-door, sunroof, 42,000 miles. It’s in great shape, it’ll last a long time.

My wireless network here at home has a whole twelve feet to cross. Granted, there is a wall to traverse, but still, the various nodes of my network have much more trouble staying in contact than they should. This morning it was especially bad, nothing was coming through from the internet at all. Ping tests revealed that the wireless connection was extremely intermittent. It was fine last night, and it’s been fine for a while, so I figure it must be interference from either some neighbor’s newly acquired electronics, or some atmospheric condition combined with solar flares and government conspiracy to create subspace anomalies and warp my CDs.

So, naturally I turned to the paranoid-delusional’s headwear of choice, aluminum foil. I put a wall of foil alongside each wireless device, on the side facing away from the rest of the network. Et voilà, the connection has been going great guns ever since.

And speaking of foil, it’s time for fencing. Huzzah!

Item the number one: Yesterday we made stir fry of tempeh, cabbage, onions, and red peppers—although it’s probably not technically a stir fry because we made it outdoors on the grill (using a “grill wok“). It was laughably easy, and delicious. Fire good.

Item the next one: After spending two weeks dead, my sound card has mysteriously resurrected itself! *cue spooky music* Maybe it was the thunderstorm, although that seems more like a convenient sitcom plot twist than an explanation. Whatever the cause, I’m grateful to have music at my desk again.

Item the other one: I will definitely be going to the free outdoor TMBG show in Baltimore this Saturday. We’ll just see about this new drummer fellow. I hope the weather holds.

I am so sick of stuff not working on my stupid computers. Now my secondary machine, the one I use for storage of music and old data I care about, is all frotzed. It won’t boot at all, it says that one of NT’s system files is missing or corrupt. And I can’t repair or upgrade NT on it, apparently, because NT Setup can’t even find any hard drives. I had to stop trying, because if I don’t take a break I’ll probably end up taking a pickaxe to the thing.

This is the direct result of a power outage of about three seconds, which happened last week, hot on the heels of a whole slew of DSL connection problems. Add in the perpetual file transfer failures of unknown cause, being forbidden to send email from my main address using anything but webmail, and the black cloud of haplessness surrounding for the past few months, and it all totals up to a very frustrating digital experience overall. I swear, the Amish lifestyle has never looked so appealing.

Welcome to Frankentosh.

I’m in the process of harvesting files from my old Mac, in preparation for getting rid of it. I’m having to use floppies to transfer anything I want to keep, so that’s forcing me to be pretty selective. It’s just as well, I have no reasons beyond sentiment to keep anything.

However, I am definitely keeping all the old letters to friends, and the homemade graphics, and even some college papers and other writings. I haven’t looked at a lot of this in a very long time, and I am glad to have the chance to see it now.

This’ll be the first time since 1984 that I haven’t owned some sort of Apple computer. I’m not quite nostalgic enough to keep this one around, though. It’s a Performa, which was bad enough when it worked. The modem and ethernet card are both dead, and for years it hasn’t displayed any red in its colors.