My weekend will consist of three things:

  1. Making chocolates. I came up with a Nutella variant of the classic chocolate-dipped peanut butter ball, and it’s been a big hit in years past. (I’ve also got some chestnut spread to try this year, I think it has potential. The lack of partially hydrogenated ingredients is also a plus.)
  2. Some moonlighting. A tiny startup is taking over one of the products I used to write about, and I’m updating the documents for it. It’s the first time I’ve worked by contract. I’m not being paid as much as I’d like for it, which especially sucks because it’ll take me less than a third of the time it would take anyone else. But it’s a foot in the door, and it’s likely to lead to more such side projects.
  3. Christmas shopping and a little bit of wrapping. I really need some inspiration for a couple of these. And as usual, I’ve saved the hardest gifts for last. I need to stop doing it that way.