So, ginger ale. Pale, unassuming, mild-mannered. The rice cake of soft drinks. Right?

WRONG! You’ve never had ginger ale if you haven’t had Blenheim. I was blown away from the first sip. Apparently it’s kind of a Carolinas thing, but you should do yourself a favor and hunt down a bottle. Heck, I’ll even buy you one if you’re on my friends list.

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    • The head explosion will be strictly metaphorical. Side effects are similar to sugar pills, and include throat clearing, lip smacking, and a slight increase in saliva production.

      As for the cost, I say “share and enjoy.” I have faith that it’ll come back to me eventually in other ways. Besides, I don’t have that many LJ friends. :) I will ship them myself by USPS if I can, though, rather than use the web site I linked to above which insists on using UPS. So it may take a while. But it’ll be worth the wait.

  1. Ooooooh. I’ve heard tales of that stuff. I hear it’s basically delicious battery acid. And delicious with whiskey!

    (PS. I will totally send you a bottle of our local delicacy, Hosmer Mountain soda, in any flavor you desire. It might take me a while, but I’ll do it!)