Just today I caught the preview of the upcoming Hitchhiker’s Guide radio series. Holy Zarquon’s Singing Fish, I am physically incapable of waiting 52 days for this. My higher brane functions will be totally consumed with anticimpatience in, oh, three minutes ago.

In other news… My fencing class is now on break for the rest of the summer. Beth, our coach, applied for a job in Pennsylvania, and if she gets it I really hope the class continues to be as much fun. We all got together for dinner on Tuesday, and Beth had printed out a little award certificate for each of us. Mine was “most improved.” I’m not sure that’s true, but it made me feel good.

Work promises to be much more meetingful for the next month. Our only other technical writer will be away on his sabbatical, so I’ll be attending meetings in his stead in addition to my own normal meeting load. Thankfully, our actual projects are at kind of an ebb, so the timing is pretty good.