I’m getting caught up with my friends page, I haven’t been on LJ much for the past week or two. I made a trip to the office last week, and picked up a new computer for work. It’s a spiffy new laptop with a docking station. Trying to get it to play nice with my LAN at home has already taken too much of my weekend. (I can get it to access either my old machine or the internet, but not both at the same time. I guess for now I only need one of those at a time anyway, though.) The best part is that since I’m not depending on my old machine for work anymore, I can upgrade it without fear.

Laura has been trying out some Indian recipes this weekend. We went to an Indian market on Saturday to buy the more exotic ingredients, like jaggery and red lentils. Looks like we’ll be back there regularly; everything’s turned out delicious.

I’m selling my car. We’re getting a used pickup to replace it. Anybody interested in a 2001 Honda Civic? Red, two-door, sunroof, 42,000 miles. It’s in great shape, it’ll last a long time.

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