So we’re having another baby. And today we found out that it’s a girl! My parents have five grandsons already, so I imagine she’ll be something of a princess. :) I feel a little more overwhelmed than I think I would’ve been with another boy; I feel like I’ve got a lot more to learn this way. But I am thrilled at the thought of a daughter.

She’s due the first week of August. Riley came two weeks early, so we’ll see. She’s perfectly healthy, from all ultrasonic indications.

Her name is still very much up in the air. We didn’t give girls’ names much thought after we found out Riley was a boy. “Grace” is a strong candidate at the moment, but we’ll be mulling it over for a while. I remember we didn’t really decide Riley’s until he was a couple days old.

Riley went to the ultrasound with us. He got nervous in the darkened room, and seeing mommy lying on the examination table and inaccessible, he cried. So I walked him around the halls outside for most of it. I briefly got to see the heart beating, and then later the baby’s face in realtime 3D. Riley and I found a wagon sitting in a hallway corner, and that kept him pretty entertained while we were waiting. Laura’s mom came too, and we all went for brunch afterwards. Just the thing. :)

4 thoughts on “Gimme an X!

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing the news and photos! I still find it amazing those little fetuses become babies – it’s like aliens in your body, that grow into people!

    Grace sounds like a grand name, like Anne. A bit old fashioned, too, without sounding klunky, but I guess if she pops out and clearly is not a Grace type girl, you have the option. Ha ha! I can see you guys peering at the kid, and your wife going, “Oh, hm, not a Grace, no.” Then you say, “Uh, nope. But if we name her ‘Imelda Sexweapon’ your Mom is going to be so disappointed.”

    Congrats, by the way.

    Are you still working from home, and how is that going?

    • Still at home, but not working anymore. It just became unfeasible; I couldn’t manage more than 15 hours a week, and that wasn’t really enough to be worthwhile to IBM. But they’d be happy to have me back, they said, so that’s good. It’ll be a while before I can try that though. But I know I’m happier this way, anyway, at least for now.