Apparently I left the van on all night (i.e. the key in the ignition, turned to ACC, though the engine wasn’t running of course), and so this morning it wouldn’t turn over. I called AAA for a jump, and while I was waiting I put the kids in the two-seat stroller and walked them around our street. One of our neighbors was able to give us a jump on his way to work. Got Riley to school, albeit almost an hour late. Then Lydia and I went on a little drive to recharge the battery.

After that I went to my nearest polling place, and though I wasn’t 100% sure I was assigned there, I knew my wife was, and I figured even if I wasn’t they could help me find where to go. There was no significant line at all, which was great. But my registration never got processed, which was not. Apparently I wasn’t the only new — hmm, what would you call it, applicant? — to fall through the cracks. I turned in my registration form at the DMV when I got my Georgia driver’s license on October 3. Nobody at the polling place today could tell me whether that was past the deadline or not, but it didn’t matter, they made many calls and eventually got me my voter card. I cast my ballot and was very grateful for all the assistance. Lydia was a big hit there while we were waiting, she charmed everybody. :)

I left feeling really good. It didn’t hurt that it’s a gorgeous day here today, sunny and clear. But given the trouble with the van this morning, and then the bureaucratic slog, I was a little surprised to find myself so at peace with the world.

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