Well it’s been a bit of the same ol’ same ol’ here in BryceLand. My grip on sanity is lubricated daily by the nagging suspicion that sanity is overrated. Loneliness and misanthropy bicker with each other in the back seat of my brain, but I blare the stereo to drown them out. I’ve started several long posts about having been unhappy for a while, only to delete them as something I’m not going to want to remember in the future. Nice weather will help get me out of my slump, but suffice it to say that I do need to unslump myself.

I’m still scanning for work, but not hyper-aggressively because we’re not sure where we’ll be living half a year from now. Laura has applied for a job at UNC in Chapel Hill (two, actually, but they chose an internal candidate for the first one), so there’s a chance we’ll be back in the Triangle next fall. Which would suit me fine. (Update: it’s looking less likely now, but is still a possibility. We could have an answer in less than a week, thank goodness.)

Even if we stay in the Atlanta area, we’re still looking at a move this summer, to a more central suburb. We’ve been house shopping in preparation for this outcome. I think soon we’re going to put an offer on one of the houses we saw last weekend. Laura’s in love with it, which I hope we can keep under wraps. The house would be fine for our needs right away, and is also probably the easiest to add on to among the ones we saw. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t even have to make the kids share a bedroom — although they’ve been loving that arrangement ever since we decided to try it out.

I’ve also been meaning to write something about the TMBG shows I saw two weeks ago, but this post isn’t the place. I would have done it already, but I couldn’t get past the unwritten whiny post. Funny how my LJ can get stuck like that.

5 thoughts on “House Hunting in Limbo

  1. I keep thinking you’re in SoCal, and I was about to invite you over to my place for coffee ‘n schmooze… but that drive is a little far from Atlanta… o.O …

    I totally hear you about LJ posts and individual post content. I’ve been known to post a whiny-ass post and then something hyper-cheerful immediately following it.

    Here’s hoping to a positive answer!

    • Heh, where indeed?

      Well it’s true that I don’t relish the thought of being apart from my little girl all day. But I really miss the feeling of excelling at something. I haven’t gotten that for the last four years, and I’m craving it now.

      It’s hard to talk about my problems without sounding ungrateful, is the other problem. I’ve got this great life situation, and I appreciate it every day, but it comes at a cost. Big deal, at least we’re safe and relatively healthy.

      I may yet birth this behemoth whiny post that’s been stuck in my medulla, but verbalizing it is an effort I’m not usually all that inclined to make during what quiet moments I can steal each day. We’ll see.