It’s looking like a move back to North Carolina is still not in the cards for us. But the good news is that we’re excited enough about our new house to be happy anyway. We did put an offer on the house I mentioned before, and the owners accepted. We’re currently wading through loan application stuff (that is, Laura’s wading through that while I finally do our income taxes).

We like the house’s layout and its location. Some of the equipment is getting old (e.g. water heater, one of the AC units), but it’s in great shape otherwise and everything’s still functional as of now. The neighborhood seems nice and has a bunch of small kids for Riley and Lydia to play with. The one downside is that there’s no garage or even a carport, but I can live with that.

I applied for a contract-to-hire job as a web developer here in Atlanta. Still no word, but the recruiter did forward my resume to their client yesterday, so at least I made it that far. It’s a junior-level position, which I’m overqualified for, truth be told, but I’m reasoning that my child-rearing hiatus will make that seem less true. But I’m also sure they’re flooded with applicants, so I’m not holding my breath. It would be a good thing, though, so wish me luck.

9 thoughts on “Passing the Crossroads

    • Thanks! The house stuff is proceeding smoothly, but at this point I’m pretty sure this particular job is a bust. No word back, and it seems really unlikely they’d take this long to fill it. Ah well.

  1. You move a lot! Why not to Virginia? Lotsa high-paying gov’t jobs around here . . . (it’s worth a try to nudge, right??) But anyway, best of luck with the job. Overqualified or not, it’s something to stick in a resume whilst you find something better [in Virginia]. XD

    • Well one of the main draws for the Atlanta metro area is that my brother in law lives here. Although I must admit I haven’t actually scoped out the job market for me in VA.

      What are you doing these days? Got one of those big government jobs?

      By the way I have no problem whatsoever being overqualified at this point, the issue is that the people hiring would probably worry that it would mean I wouldn’t be challenged enough to stay motivated and be happy in the long term. But on paper, it’s just a reason for them to write me off quickly and thin the pile.

      • Got one of those big government jobs?

        HA!! No, I only know they exist! Merely a thinly veiled plot to get you back (relatively) northward is all . . . though I know Atlanta is quite a nice city from the very little time I’ve spent there . . besides all this, I cannot picture you with a drawl.

        I’m doing much better now that it’s warm and sunny out, I will say that much . . . we went from 5 feet of snow to 65 degree days in a span of sbout two weeks! I think I hibernated from December until the beginning of March.