Wow, I completely lost track of how long it’s been since I posted non-privately. Quick update, because that’s all I have time for tonight.

We’re moving to the house I mentioned a while back. It’s in Decatur, which is much closer to downtown Atlanta — and also much more of a destination in its own right than Fayetteville is. The house is smaller than this one we’ve been renting, but I think that’ll be good for us. The biggest sacrifice is that we won’t have a garage.

But we’ll have lots more dining and entertainment options, and more small kids in our neighborhood for Riley and Lydia to play with. Agnes Scott College is nearby, and apparently a good source of babysitters. Laura’s commute will be about the same, except running the opposite direction of the traffic majority. And those occasional tech writing jobs north of Atlanta won’t be out of my reach anymore. At least, not physically. 😛

The moving truck arrives early tomorrow morning, and we still have a bunch of junk to pack/clean up. Internet cuts out tomorrow too, and it’ll be a few days before we have it up at the new house. I’ll give some more details then.

Hmm. It’ll be one 26-foot truck. Looking around at this labyrinth of furniture and cardboard, I’m wishing we could’ve rented a Tardis instead.

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